Swim better swim clinic

BPC Swim Performance Workshop
Breakthrough Performance Coaching will be hosting an opportunity to work on your swim on Sunday morning, 21 October 2018, at the Watertown Boys and Girls Club.
8:45 -10:45 am
  • Understand why and how to move your body through the water.
  • Break down what isn’t effective for you and build a better foundation
  • On-deck work and in-water practice
  • You will leave with a better understanding of which movements matter most and how to integrate skill practice with building fitness. Some of it will make you feel discombobulated. No one will be laughing when that struggle turns to success!

11:00 Video capture (underwater, above water, front, sides).

  • Video downloaded & annotated
  • Detailed assessment of your current technique by Coach Sue Sotir, including strengths, weaknesses, and prioritized next steps, within 10 days
Please note that you will need to purchase the annotated video analysis as a separate “class”.