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Breakthrough Performance Coaching is a certified Ironman coach dedicated to an athlete-centric approach. Our services are in place to take your athleticism to the next level so you can compete in the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 competitions or improve your previous results. We always stay updated on the recent scientific and athletic literature and coaching methods to help you achieve and maintain maximum athletic performance.

You will approach your next competition with confidence and ease with the assistance of our intensive coaching program. Contact (617) 308-0586 today if you are up for the challenge.

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Get to the Next Level of Athletic Performance

If your goal is to get in better shape to compete in the next Ironman, or you have crossed the line multiple times before, our in-depth, one-on-one athlete analysis is a surefire way to improve your game.

We are well versed in the latest exercise science, nutrition, and athletic assistance technologies to ensure our coaching techniques are up to date and you improve every day you train with us.

Ironman Coaches Emphasizing the Essentials

The old athletic adage is to stick to the basics. Although it sounds dry and dull, it couldn’t be any more accurate. One of the most common things holding athletes from reaching their full potential is picking up bad habits in form and technique.

By constantly focusing on form and technique, your athletic performance will naturally become more efficient, and you’ll become faster while increasing endurance. Any athlete will tell you that efficiency is essential if your goal is to compete – and we are the team to get you to that level.

One-on-one Performance Analysis and Adjustment

Our athlete-centric coaching strategy is simple. First, we focus on your improvement by analyzing your performance with the latest computerized technology so you can adjust accordingly and improve your performance in all three Ironman racing disciplines. The more attention paid to you individually, the more your progress is tracked and the easier and faster we can help you improve.

Throughout our coaching, you will master your technique and be able to watch yourself get better. We can help athletes of all levels and would be glad to add you to the list of successful athletes who have gone through our personalized training program.

Please contact our team today to get started. We are always eager to take on new athletes.

Keeping Up with the Latest Training Literature

Athletic research is a large part of how we develop. When our coaching techniques and knowledge improve, we can help you more readily enhance as an athlete. Whenever we aren’t training, we are reading up on the latest academic literature on exercise science and nutrition to ensure we are staying up to date with the science and staying up to the level of maximum performance we are committed to.

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Improve Your Endurance

Improve your endurance. Maximize your performance. Unlock your potential. With Breakthrough Performance Coaching, you can do all three.

We are Boston’s leading Ironman coaching service. Our coaching program helps athletes improve regardless of skill level. We provide a complete range of services—including performance testing, video analysis, and individualized training programs—to help you achieve your aims and exceed all expectations. With our team of experienced and certified coaches at your side, the sky’s the limit on what you can accomplish.

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Individualized Ironman Coaching Programs

Tailored for You

The ladder towards improvement is tall, but we are here every step of the way. Our coaches are experienced Ironman athletes and know what it takes to get you there and get better. We develop individualized coaching plans tailored to each athlete’s needs, goals, and priorities.

We start with a personal consultation. You’ll sit down with one of our Ironman certified coaches, who will take the time to assess your current athletic profile and explain what we can do to help. Your coach will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, whether they’re about performance, race-day nutrition, or your heart rate data.

From that initial meeting, we’ll develop a comprehensive action plan to help you meet your goals for the Ironman race. Maybe you need to build endurance to complete the event. Maybe you want to cut down your finish time. Whatever your goals, our team will aim high to help you achieve them.

State-of-the-Art Video Analysis and Metabolic Testing

Breakthrough Performance Coaching is committed to staying on the cutting edge of evidence-based coaching practices. For that reason, we’re proud to offer the latest forms of data analysis and metabolic testing.

Our Ironman training programs can include:

  • Video analysis (including swim stroke and run gait)
  • Nutrition analysis
  • INSCYD metabolic testing
  • Sweat-collected sodium analysis

Taken together, these tools allow us to give you a science-backed overview of your entire physiology and nutritional needs. It takes guesswork out of the equation, ensuring we can provide real, actionable advice that lets you enhance your performance and achieve your targets.

The Ironman Certified Coach Committed to Your Success

We understand that different athletes want different things from a coach. Here at Breakthrough Performance, our team consists of eight certified coaches—each with their own areas of specialization and disciplinary backgrounds. Take a look at their bios, and see which one aligns best with your vision for yourself.

Despite their differences, all our coaches have one thing common: Dedication. We are driven, passionate, committed to providing the highest standard of coaching available. We continue to invest in ourselves, our education, and our facilities to ensure we can deliver the results our athletes deserve. Rest assured: With a member of our team, you have an Ironman coach committed to you. You have a coach committed to your success.

Ironman Coaching for All Levels

Whether this is your first time preparing for an Ironman triathlon or you have already crossed the finish line several times, there is always something to gain at Breakthrough Performance Coaching. Our certified team of coaches has worked with athletes of all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned triathletes. We will help you set realistic goals and develop a personalized plan on how to reach them. If you have any questions or concerns about whether our Ironman training is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more info.

Educated and Experienced Ironman Training Coaches

When you train at Breakthrough Performance Coaching, the sheer amount of knowledge you have access to is second to none. Our coaching staff is home to certified experts with specializations in several fields. What’s more, many of us are experienced triathletes as well. With hundreds of competitors finding success from our coaching, we are guaranteed to be a valuable resource on your road to success.

Ironman Coaches with a History of Success

Since opening our doors, we have had the honor of helping many athletes achieve their goals. The competitive spirit is not lost on us, and we love to see our athletes thrive and succeed in their events. Having helped many different competitors achieve new PRs and podium finishes, including at the Ironman World Championship, we believe that the benefits of our coaching are easy to see.

Crush Your Plateaus with an Ironman Personal Trainer

As any experienced athlete will tell you, there are peaks and valleys when it comes to increasing your performance. If you can’t seem to forward your progress or feel stuck in a rut with your development, some outside assistance might be what you need. Our certified trainers will help you identify any shortcomings with your output and then work with you to correct them. No matter where you might have been lacking during previous events, our coaches will help you become conscious of these weak points and overcome them.

Ironman Triathlon Race Fueling

After months of preparing for an Ironman event, it doesn’t make sense to hinder yourself with improper nutrition. At Breakthrough Performance Coaching, we are pleased to offer individually tailored race fueling services that will help you stay at peak performance throughout the triathlon. Our advanced techniques involve analyzing your metabolic data and designing a fueling plan that will cover your hydration, caloric, and electrolyte needs.

Join the Breakthrough Performance Coaching Family

Ask any of the triathletes that we have had the pleasure of coaching, and they will tell you the same thing: we are a friendly and down to earth team of personal trainers. We truly love what we do here, and we believe it shows. We are easy to work with and promise to help you stay educated and informed throughout your training camp. No matter which of our coaches you end up working with, our facility is guaranteed to create a pleasant environment that is conducive to your success.

Take on Your First Ironman Event with Confidence

If you are thinking about trying an Ironman triathlon for the first time, our certified coaches are here to help you at every stage of the way. Not only do we provide you with effective ironman coaching and training, but we will also help you understand what to expect so you can be mentally prepared. Whether you are feeling a bit nervous or underprepared, our triathlon trainers are here to help you stay focused and dedicated. As long as you have the drive to push yourself forward, we guarantee that you will find great value in our services.

Pace Yourself with an Experienced Triathlon Coach

Many novice and veteran athletes alike make the mistake of overexerting themselves and hindering their progress. At Breakthrough Performance Coaching, we understand how important the recovery process is to continued growth, which is why we emphasize an intelligent approach to our training programs. When you choose us as your Ironman trainers, we will make sure to fully assess your needs to ensure your workouts are intense but not so intense that they will hold you back in the long run. Our goal is to ensure our athletes are rested, energetic, and at the top of their game when race day arrives.

1-on-1 Coaching with an Ironman Trainer

If you are serious about your triathlon performance, our coaching staff is here to keep pace with you along the way. We will gladly provide dedicated athletes with the individual training they need to truly focus on enhancing their performance. We will carefully assess your needs and provide you with our full attention, ensuring that you are always looking forward and know exactly where your goals are.

Work with an Ironman Certified Coach

When it comes to making the most of your training time, it always helps to work with a coach who has the proper qualifications. Our staff has multiple certified coaches with Ironman U, as well as other organizations, which means you can always count on us for an informed approach to your training camp. The information that you will have access to through our coaching staff will be an invaluable resource while preparing for your event, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our certifications.

Triathlon Coaches Who Stay Ahead of the Curve

Here at Breakthrough Performance Coaching, we are truly passionate about the work we do. We know that our athletes don’t want to settle for second place, which is why we don’t either. We are constantly researching the most effective training practices and expanded our facility to ensure we are providing an authoritative approach to triathlon preparation.

A Well-Rounded Approach to Ironman Training

Unlike most sports, triathlons are comprised of three distinct activities designed to test multiple aspects of athletic ability. Keeping this in mind, our Ironman coaches work hard to provide our members with an all-inclusive approach to their training which will help them stay on top of their game. Make sure you don’t neglect an important aspect of your preparation by hiring our intelligent team of coaches.

Unlock Your Potential with Boston’s Top Ironman Coach

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