Ironman Coaching Newton

Specialized Ironman Training to Help You Be Your Very Best

Running a marathon is one thing—a shorter triathlon another. Both are impressive feats.

But the ultimate test in fitness remains the gold standard: the Ironman Triathlon.

If you’ve found this webpage, odds are you already know what you’re in for. Six months to a year of dedicated training—on top of the endurance training you’ve already done. And that’s to say nothing of your full-time job, any other hobbies you might have, and friends and family who are desperate to drag you away from your stopwatch and running shoes.

You’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. If you succeed, you’ll have pushed yourself beyond any limit imaginable. But it’s not one you need to go on alone.

Breakthrough Performance Coaching is the most experienced coaching and racing club in Newton. We offer athletes a competitive, metrics-focused and comprehensive training program for Ironman triathlons that can’t be beat. And we have the accolades to prove it.

The Most Experienced Ironman Triathlon Coaching Near You

Our coaches have over 75 years of combined experience in long-distance, endurance, marathon and triathlon coaching. We’re dedicated to helping athletes in our club succeed at reaching their goals, no matter what they may be. Whether you’re preparing to run your first Ironman or have already had a shot at the championship, we’re here with you every last mile of this journey.

When you work with Breakthrough Performance Coaching, your program will be custom-designed to fit your needs, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and your weaknesses. There are no ‘plans’, here, but flexible and responsive training that adapts to every workout—and every personal record you shatter.

Performance by You, Coaching by Science

What sets us apart from other Ironman coaching clubs is our dedication to analysis and quantifiable results. Nothing we do is ever touchy-feely. We do not trade in intuition. You will not succeed in your Ironman training goals through ‘guesstimation’ and half-measures.

You show up every day to do the hard work to get yourself where you need to be. And we’re there on the sidelines, recording your personal metrics to provide you with a real-time, data-driven coaching plan backed up by technology and the latest advances in exercise science. Our expert Ironman training plans work by the numbers—your numbers. Our athletes succeed by their own merits, with

us backing them up every step of the way.

About Breakthrough Performance Coaching

Breakthrough Performance Coaching is a long-standing member of the Ironman Tri-Club. We were the proud recipients of the Tri-Club Champions Award in 2015 after years of dedicated service and training within the Ironman community.

The athletes we work with are a huge part of why we love what we do so much. And we know you’ll be a great addition to the BPC community. Bring your enthusiasm and your fighting spirit and we’ll bring our years of successful Ironman triathlon coaching.

Ready to push yourself beyond what you’ve ever managed before? Don’t do it alone—call Breakthrough Performance Coaching today and get started on your journey to the race of a lifetime.