Triathlon Training Newton

Triathlon Training Newton

Dedicated Personal Triathlon Coach

Are you an athlete in the Boston area interested in triathlon training? Do you have a dream of completing your first triathlon, or are you a seasoned triathlete?

At Breakthrough Performance Coaching, we are committed to providing exceptional triathlon coaching and preparation.

We believe in the incredible strength and endurance of athletes, and take pride in helping them to develop their abilities to the highest level.

Breakthrough Performance Coaching’s triathlon training program is designed to condition athletes for high-performance running, swimming, and biking. Our methods combine the latest technologies for testing and analysis with the precision of hands-on, observant personal training.

Our team of highly qualified, certified personal triathlon coaches recognizes that no two athletes are the same, and all of our methods are customized to the needs and abilities of all performer.

We build up confidence, optimism, and increased self-awareness in each of our clients. Not only can we help you prepare for a specific race, but we instruct the fundamentals that athletes will put to use each day.

Our facility and resources are state-of-the-art, and we treat each athlete like family. We’re also very pleased to provide our triathlon training services at affordable rates.

Discover and unleash your true potential today— contact Breakthrough Performance Coaching!

Our Triathlon Coaching Services

Video Analysis

One of the hallmarks of our triathlon training programs at Breakthrough Performance Coaching is our video analysis technology. This allows our athletes to visualize and improve their swim stroke and running gait like never before.

Your triathlon trainer will capture HD video of your swimming and running performances, combined with explanations of proper techniques. You will receive a “report card” containing your video, which will have before and after versions following the session.

Customized Coaching

Breakthrough Performance Coaching is pleased to offer customized coaching as part of our triathlon training program. Based on each athlete’s personal goals, three coaching plans are available: all-inclusive, adaptive, and structured coaching.

Our programs can include scheduled workouts, data analysis, private sessions, metabolic testing, and tri kits. You will emerge from our program with the physical and psychological knowledge to take on the most grueling challenges.

Metabolic Testing

Our advanced metabolic testing is a key component of our triathlon training. Breakthrough Performance Coaching conducts metabolic testing in the lab or on the field. As we partner with INSCYD, our data analysis provides more accuracy and precision than has ever been available to athletes. You’ll receive a full metabolic performance report following the session.


Over the course of training and performance, athletes are faced with many questions. Whether you need advice on nutrition, equipment recommendations, race day plans, or body compositions, our consulting services will provide new insights into your athletic abilities.

Race Fueling

Breakthrough Performance Coaching offers race fueling plans that will enlighten your approach to triathlons. Our coaches will asses your carbohydrate and fat utilization to best determine your requirements for race day.

Private Training Session

Breakthrough Performance Coaching provides one-on-one triathlon coaching sessions to our athletes. We can focus on any area of your choosing, including technique, preparation, equipment, or nutrition.